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Scales not actually awarded during story? Potential bug!


So I have just completed 11/56 on marshlands that was meant to award 5x 2star Green scales. I was keeping an eye on my green scale count as I am 1 of levelling up one of my greens to 3 stars. However after the quest even though it came up with the card, it never actually added to my items…

Having intentionally been keeping an eye on the scales only this time makes me wonder how often this has happened without noticing and is still happening…

So to all out there, keep an eye on your items to make sure you actually get them!


I’m sorry that happened @Gouldy. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key and the date and time of when you had completed that stage so our team can investigate further? Thanks!


Thanks. Already raised, just wanted to make sure others are aware in case it’s not an isolated bug, but thank you for getting 9n touch :slight_smile: