Scales Quest Bug

Saturday scale quests are supposed to be a mix of all 5 colors. It seems it didn’t update and just reposted Friday’s.


Thats exactly what I have now, it’s just like I said before, I knew that this update has more bugs that we just still didn’t discover.

Same thing happened to me. This update sucks big time. Canceled Flight Club because of it.

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Are they going to fix this? sigh Yellow scales are the only ones I‘m not needing as urgent as other ones at the moment and I fear that tomorrow there will be yellow again …

@Marcus Is there any news about whether they plan to update this to the correct scales quest before the quest timer runs out?

Any news? push


3rd day in a row for the Friday yellow scale quest…

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Again! This NEEDS to be fixed.

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Thank god I unistalled the game long time ago. It seems there are still a lot of players frustrated. I had the same frustation as you guys… A lot of bugs not fixed, losing energy for no reason and losing my precious time on their game which was really cool in the past. Just give up… It was an addictive game, but not anymore! :grin:

I find it hard to believe someone who quit and uninstalled the game would still be lurking in the forums.


Yes, it‘s another day of yellow (I‘m curious if Monday will be yellow again?) but nobody‘s answering to this thread, guess they just don‘t care and we have to live with yellow-only-scale-quests in addition to the scales the cut off from chests.

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