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Scales take to long to get


I need 40 two star scales to level my dragon and it takes 8 weeks to get that many, I think that you should get more scales from the scale events or they should be easier so that you could get more scales

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@Zephyr2562 There is the scales event + dragon brawl event that happens each day.


Just make sure to always do the scale quests, both the daily single color ones and the new random color ones. And make sure you do hard chests since you get 2 star scales from that too. And you can also get them from the alpha chests.

If you’re strong enough you can get 10 two star scales of a single color in a week, plus the extra from random scale quests and the chests… It should take you less than 4 weeks to get enough.

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Dont forget hard chests, alpha chests, and weekend scale quests.
You can always buy with runes if you choose


I have and I can’t get more than 7 a week so far 7 two star green scales


Wait a second. 40 2-star scales? Sheet, man, 4-star training? Well, talk about first world problems! And, pardon me, but I assume you haven’t been playing for too long, because otherwise you’d have mountains of scales.
Feel good about yourself. If the scales are your bottleneck - you are in the clear. The horizon is very, very visible. Far, but visible. You have something to look forward to! And, as others said, there are many ways to get scales now. I’m positive that your team can faceroll every level 4 scale quest(otherwise why the hell would you need a 4-star training), so it’s only a matter of time. Back when people started, we had to “progress” on level 3 scale quest, with level 4 being unbeatable. And the duties took much longer.

Now you have clans, easy duties, daily scale quests, you can get up to 10 2-star scale quests per day… You’ll get there. Much sooner than 8 weeks.

Look at me, I have 2 4-star dragons that were bred “super unluckily” over 2 months, and after that I got zip nada. And they both are weaker than my 3-star dragons! Well, statistically weaker, not technically, because Gloomleer and Tricky are some of the best dragons in the entire game. And I ain’t planning on seeing a copy of them. Ever. Gave up on that. If anything, I’d sooner get a copy of a trust dragon. And I am not complaining, my best recent score was ~28.7k damage on an Alpha with one of the dragons being ~650 power. In one try, of course.

So what you are saying - is not an issue, but rather something to work towards, something realistic. Remember, it’s not like you give up on all the scales just for that one color that you need, you accumulate all of them. Meanwhile, other players have it worse, but the game goes on!


Thanks for the help all of my team is 4 stars that need dupes to progress in the levels except one which is a max level 3 star still tryna breed a 5 star skrill to replace it


I kinda agree but they make it hard so it wouldn’t be to easy to get a 3 star really powerful dragon