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Scaphognatus locked?

So I’ve been systematically leveling my Dino’s since I have so many unhatched ones and I was working on the scaphognatus. I hatched 2 this morning and went to start 2 more only to see that the Dino is now only available through a special event. What’s up with that? Anyone else discovering previously unlocked Dinos being locked?

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Are you sure you had it unlocked?

How long have you been playing? It hasn’t has an unlock in awhile.


@Timmah in a while? It didn’t have an unlock since the November Update.

Battle stage unlocks now are changed and some of them can only be unlocked from special events.

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He doesn’t have it unlocked.


I’m pretty sure I had it unlocked as one of my battle stages. I have a level 30 and a level 20 and I don’t think I got 6 as rewards.

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When did you start playing?

All old battle stage unlocks are changed, if you unlocked it from a battle stage a while back but it’s not one now you’ll lose the unlock.

No, you keep the unlocks. The only exception would be in the case of Panochthus which became a VIP creature. Everything else should have stayed unlocked.

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Could be bug

According to the horribly out of date Fandom site, Scaphognathus was the unlock for Battle Stage 63. If you completed that prior to the Update 38 reshuffle in November 2019, you should have it unlocked. I would advise you to turn in a ticket to support. Be aware it will take several days to get back to you. If you had not completed Battle Stage 63 prior to the reshuffle, you imagined unlocking