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HI everyone I want to talk about Scaphotator who to my opinion is kinda good and also have a really cool desing. I say it is good but i am only mid-game (lvl 12) and I use a switch team with bumpy, scorpius gen 2 and pachy. The only thing that prevents scaphotator to be good it is to don’t have any immunity so no immunity to swap-prevention, attack lose or even speed lose! I know for a switch team it is horrible to don’t switch so pls ludia fix this

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Its attack and health are also pretty bad, which makes it easy to take down. I don’t think it will get a buff though, no one is interested on him and there are better creatures that have the same role and do it better.

what kind of dino that have switch in bleed and regen that is ez to get

same as you, I have a swap team (without dracorat)
I never undertood why Scapho has a interesting moveset but really bad stats and resistances than make it fail
I’ll suggest to you to change Scapho in your team for Dimodactylus, works better and has the swap inmunity so works better for a team based in swap
that was what I did and I’m happy with the result

I like how they think lvl 12 is midgame

Thx for the tip i think i am gonna switch it bc i only used the scapho when indominus or an other legend was weak i would just switch it in to get the bleed but i did not consider dimodactylus bc it is only lvl 11 and i can not find any tupandactylus but i am gonna do the switch thx