Scared to report!


Hey Ludia, I have noticed there is a lot of strike events and supply drops in my area that are unreachable due to the land being owned by either the water board or the local raaf base as it is a huge area in my region and I am concerned that if I report them all you might just drop a lot of my local events and supply drops?
I can easily say the is over 200 I can’t access and this is not including private property’s and road that are non existent.
Love the game and don’t want to lose to much resources


Have you seen the little flag next on the top left of the screen when you click on a drop… I’ve never used it but I’m pretty sure there is (or at least was) a button saying you can report it being “inaccessible”

Might be the answer you’re looking for if you haven’t tried it already :man_shrugging:t4:


I don’t flag stops because “I” can’t access them. Maybe the people who own the property, or work for the company play the game and you are flagging their stops?

I’m not a fan of flagging stops. Even stops on the highway are ok because passengers can still use them.


I don’t want to flag them either, and I don’t think the employees are playing there either as it is swamp land covered in bush that is inaccessible to anyone as the sand soil underneath is used as a water filter for the local water supply and it’s the only reason it is fenced off to the public


That makes sense then… I was trying to figure out a scenario where flagging a stop would be applicable.

Sounds like the fire swamp… lol, any ROUS’s there?


Hey everyone, our team wants to make sure that everyone is safe while looking for dinos, so if you see any supply drops in an unsafe location, report it to our team here at with your support key and the location information so they can investigate further. The supply drops can also be reported by tapping on the flag icon on the upper right corner when selecting the supply drop.


Sorry, new to this game Rou’s?


I was making a reference to the movie “The Princess Bride”, they have to make it through the Fire Swamp which has quick sand, random flames spurting up from the ground, and ROUS’s (Rodents Of Unusual Size).


Every time I’ve attempted to flag a stop, I get an error that says something about Google.
I stopped caring.
We’ve got drops all over where I work, in the middle of an industrial area with heavy equipment operating. NBD…


Yes, this exactly. I reported one on traintracks once! But otherwise, I don’t report, cuz maybe whoever is there loves their supply drop!


I reported ones over train tracks several times and nothing was done although I guess they are there for people on the train.
It’s excuciating being up someone’s drive way at their garage door and being 151m from the epic you need.