Scary Creatures Incubator

So I found myself with extra hard cash from the cash wall and decided to purchase one of the Scary Creatures Incubator… Well like 95% of my Halloween scents, I received about 4500 Tany DNA, and a few thousand Allo DNA… then it was mixed between Sucho, Gorgo, and spino for rare, few hundred of Rex and then Gorgosuchus… So I took my chances because I wanted the raptor DNA… Well 1st thing I get was Raptor… 171… 171!!! Then 5500+ Tany!! The JW:A God’s hate me…

5500 Tany DNA sounds great to me. I would love to get that. I’ve been quietly farming Tany DNA for weeks because it might be part of my team if I find enough. I screwed up when I first started playing and didn’t hunt it as much as I should’ve.

I’ve skipped some too, and I do plan on leveling it up when I have the spare coin. I was just really hoping for raptor DNA. I’m up to 40k+ Tany at level 15!

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