Scary premium incubator results


We battled twice… U got hard cash with it?

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We did? I don’t remember. Who won? Lol

No cash with it

yesterdays inc was probably the one i wouldve gone for. was more like a one time offer. this one is just to rich for my blood and to little coin. all that matters is if it made ya happy.

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why would they give hard cash in an incubator that cost hard cash to buy :confused: :thinking:

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I don’t know lol

@Chozmo I beat you twice. Sorry just a friendly battle ok? :v::v::v:

:ok_hand: Okay lol good job

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Damn!! That’s like a whole special events worth of T. rex! :t_rex: congrats!

Yeah I was pleased with that

Here is the link to four Rare Scary Creatures Incubator Results that I posted in case you’re interested. The recap below only shows the first two. Click on the link to actually go to the thread if you want to see all four of the incubator results.