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SCELIDOSAURUS, (artistic concept n ° 14)

SCELIDOSAURUS statistics, lvl 10, +1120 (((515, lvl 20 +2188 (((700, lvl 30 + 3188 (((1200, lvl 40 + 4617 (((1567.what do you want to see next? a super herbivorous hybrid? a tournament pterosaur? a VIP amphibian?:wink:

would you like to see the dinosaur come out yes or no?


Yep i want to see the dinosaur

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:+1:okay :grin::grin:!!!

super herbivorous hybrid!!!
I loc]ve the concept, I want it in the game

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Okay, thanks you.

@Blacksaber Can you make one for carcharodontosaurus as a vip creature?

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