Scent capsule dinos changing

Have anyone else noticed this strange phenomenon? For example earlier i had a baryonyx and kapro spawn from an epic scent. After darting the kapro, the bary was gone and a sino was in its place. And the sino had that scent ring around it so it cant have been a proximity spawn. Well thats great for me since i got thor to 24​:heart::kissing_closed_eyes:. OH also had an Ourano spawn from the same scent. Yes in local 1. lol.


I have noticed that whenever a scent is drawing good spawns if I pop a second I get all eins they also fill the map around me its soo bad!!! Like all spawns gradually change to ein an I have to have a break for a while for spawns to go back to normal in my area b4 starting new scent!!

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i used 2 scents earlier and got 5 sinos and 1 ouranoπŸ˜—

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Wow great spawns congrats! yeah I been burned too hard trying to stock up ourano in my local so I can go farm dilo and finish my green turkey. On epic scent I get like 1 ourano 4 secodontos used 5 scents last week that’s over 100$ aud for mainly unusable trash. Been meaning to try other locals with epic scent as seco completely wrecks epic scent in l2. Last scent use has me feeling like they waste of money, could have been a one time offer!!!