Scent Capsule in Free Incubator

So I opened my free incubator and received a common scent capsule. Dont know if anyone else received one, but definitely a good feature to make those incubators worth more. Luckily I had space for the scent as well.

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Yes, I got my first one too just now!

You could always get 1 common scent from a supply drop a day, and 1 common scent from a green supply drop a day. The free incubators never had them before.

I haven’t got one yet, but it’ll be like 2 surprise suppositories when I do!!

Yeah i just got one out of mine mice surprise.

Got two in a free incubator so far, too bad my scent pouch was full. What a waste :joy: They really should change the max to 5 for common scents.


Need more bag space 2 is not enough

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