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Scent Capsule limit

I lost rare scent this week because I already had 2 in inventory and an epic last week for the same reason… I believe the limit should be alil higher…

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I don’t think there should be a limit. Scents are rare enough to come by as it is.

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I’m mainly talking about when you do the scent strikes. I know there’s no limit when you spend your hard cash… there is a daily limit on coins n cash from drops… I pretty much lose the scent capsule strike reward because a limit of 2. Let it be 3 or 4 for rare n epic .

A player should be able to keep there scent reward regardless of inventory limit… That’s mainly my point ,especially how rare they are.

Why did you do the scent strike with max scents already?? Sounds like poor planning on your part…

I dont want to use a rare or epic capsule but get a large common as a reward

I agree with having a higher limit, but yeah you definitely should have checked first and/or used one up to make room!