Scent capsule results

First one was great! After horrible lol

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Never found any epic dino from out of epic scent.:cry:

This was a common :grinning:

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I know… but when people said they found epic from 5m scent capsule, or large common scent…

Just no, these chances are not for me.:disappointed_relieved:

i attracted three when last i used one - two erlikosaurus and one t-rex.

your mileage may vary!

I used a epic a few days ago, only got mono from it lol

You should walk when using scents. You get more spawns at one time… almost doubling your possible Dino’s


Yeah but with commons you get low results but I got a epic by just sitting at one spot lol

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True, I’ve gotten an epic in 3 times. Twice was on activation so walking wouldn’t help… the third was paired. At night, my common scents pull a good amount of rares and typically when one spawns, they both are rare. Just my experience

Yes I did, I always walk when using capsules.
So I literally get 2 scent spawns per 2mins.

But epic dinos are still not there.:thinking:

Id say it takes about 15-20 common scents until a epic pops out. I popped so many commons, at least over 100, and have only gotten 3-4 epics from them. Quite rare.

I’ve only gotten epics a handful of times as well: Secondotosaurus and Bronchy. I guess I probably would have increased my chances for something useful if I use common scents in other zones but I only use common in Zone 2. Night time common spawns in other zones kind of sucked

I get better Dino’s at night with my rare, so before dropping my epic, do certain epic Dino’s appear at night vs day?

There are no Epics that specifically come out at night as far as I know, so I think you have good chances either way…or wait, wasnt Brachiosaurus a dusk, night, dawn only dino?

5 min common one here. Too bad this was my lucky moment in this game :frowning:

Doesn’t Baryonix appear only at night?

That is true too. Seen it at dawn and dusk also. Nevermind what i said before, theres two dinos that wont really appear during the day; cant think of any more.

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Ive seen 3 Brachiosaurus and all have been late at night while out hunting down raptors!

。。。。i found epic from 5 min about 4 or 5times

Got an epic scent from the strike tower so gave it a spin …

Ouranosaurus, Secodontosaurus & T-Rex (double date), Pyroraptor, Secodontosaurus and T-Rex.

I’m L2 and T-Rex is a global so the only one “out of zone” was the Pyroraptor. I also walked past a gas station several times and no Sino, so for me the jury is still out on the nest spawn theory.

All in all a good haul but I won’t be shelling out 1000 bucks for one any time soon - had two now from strike towers.

Oh and 4 rares but two appeared at once and one disappeared when I darted the first. Only a few commons.