Scent capsule spawn waste

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This is how my scent capsule time is being spent wasted because the dinos spawn in the strike events. Right now I just wasted a rare scent capsule and I can’t even get the dinos an now I’m having to send an issue report so there goes the rest of my time. This is why I’m know longer v.i.p member because of nonsense like this.

oh that sucks, they have to fix that thing, or at least make them dissapear once you finish it. but, come on man, this is a very well known bug, you should have known better and use the capsule in someplace where there is no strike event

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Yeah… this bug should have been fixed yesteryear there is no denying that… but its not yet so do yourself a favor and not be close to a stike when a spawn is about to happen either slow down or speed up… this is one of those things you gotta use work arounds around for.

This is my house lol. An those strike events change. But either way if I was walking down the road approaching another strike event it does the same thing. So doesn’t matter whether I’m standing here on my porch or walking down the road. Most times a Dino spawns is by a stop,strike point, or random. Still don’t deserve to lose half my dinos spawns during a capsule because the spawns want to pop right on top of strike points.

Not much reason to play a game I gotta go outta my way to play, while also wasting my time,scent capsules,cash,and missed dna. Because of a issues in a developers game in which they make hundred and thousands off there consumers for developing better patches and updates. Idk I see only one side to this issue.

If it makes you feel any better, it made me laugh :flushed:

Could care less honestly. It is what it is.

I’m sorry that happened @JJD1987, our team is aware of some dinos being stuck behind the Strike Towers, and they’re still looking into it. Once there is more information, we’ll be sure to give everyone an update. In the meantime, we recommend players take a look at some of the tips on our FAQ here for information on how to fully maximize the potential of their Scent Capsules:

I appreciate a reply back. That’s more then I figured I’d get. Yea hopefully that issue gets fixed because it really hurts non spenders to low spenders when they finally get a decent scent capsule and attempt to acquire better Dino DNA just to have it stripped away over a glitch. An then have to wait days even weeks to get lucky and acquire another decent scent capsule. Thanks look forward to coming back as v.i.p member once these issues get corrected. Also been having issues during battling with moves not working when being pressed instead it just wants to bring up the info about the attacking move but won’t actually select the move. Will capture a screen shot the next time it happens again.

i would guess if you zoomed in all the way you could have tapped dracorex’s head and it would have let you dart it. it usually works if you can get part of the dino that isn’t covering the tower.

I zoomed in I zoomed out. I clicked that Dino for almost 3 an a half mins until I got so frustrated that I said screw the rest of the scent timer I’m sending a complaint. Trust me when I say I tried every zoom level an angle lol I wanted that DNA.

I’m having the same problem. I use tickets on scents, however, when I’m lucky enough to get a unique Dino for the first time, it spawns under a battle incubator. I would say it shouldn’t be too hard to not allow the Dino’s to spawn underneath, but I’m no programmer. It is a waste to spend tickets on scents as the spawns are messed up.

LUDIA said they were going to fix this bug where the dinos spawn inside the towers / strike zones but it is still happening time and again i have wasted more than 25 scents because of this problem and what makes it really worse is that when its an epic you really need or are chasing and it happens you feel like putting your fist through the damn game screen because you cant get the dino your chasing … period ! … LUDIA please fix this as quickly as possible so that the dinos do not spawn inside the strike zone / towers at all thanks :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

Silly question but is there no where else away from strike towers you could launch the scent? It’s a pita it happens but as we know it does seems to make sense to launch it elsewhere and be safe?