Scent capsule strikes

Is it random which scent you get? Of all of them i had 1 epic scent the rest have been common or small. What have you guys got?

Seems random; I have had an epic, a rare, a large common and a small common.

I’ve got one rare, two large commons, two small commons

In my experience the ones at the end of the week which has higher level enemies seems to have the highest drop rate for epic scents…

Got my first epic today in the strike. A Concave and Erlik popped up. Not sure which was generated by the capsule or just a normal spawn. So I guess they need their requirement of one guaranteed epic.

I got a epic cap today, normally get the large standard capsule from the strike events. Could be random drops.

Haven’t done the current one yet, but so far I’ve gotten 2 epics, 2 rares, and the rest common.

1 rare , 2 or 3 large common and 2 small common if I remember well

I’ve only had the big common ones but I usually get 1 or 2 rare spawns out that large common.

I just got my first epic scent capsule

I’ve been getting the large common lately, but my husband usually gets the rare. I usually get at least 1 epic dino with the large common scent.

I got an Epic Scent. Two secodontosarus.

Felt pointless. Prefer normal strike towers.