Scent Capsule Suggestions


Could they all just last 5 minutes? I’m sure the calculations for what you will get are done instantly so there is no reason they need to drag out for 20 minutes. I just did an epic, got Spino Gen 2 after 30 seconds, then 19 minutes of nothing, and in the last 30 seconds got a T-Rex. Why not just spawn them right after each other? Or let me watch an ad to skip ahead to when the next one will spawn? Ludia makes some money and we don’t waste our time.

Good idea. Way too much dead time.


That does sound kind of annoying
Good suggestions


Just so you know you can continue to move about with the scent activated. And the creatures will continue to spawn where ever you are at.

But I do agree the time in between is daunting.


i was moving. this was on a 20 minute walk. 19 minutes of nothing.


I got 5 epics on 1 capsule in a vehicle.


Just checking, but when you say 19 minutes of nothing, do you mean “nothing good” as in no further epics, but commons continued to spawn, or do you mean “nothing nothing” as in nothing else spawned at all until the end?

Because commons and rares are supposed to continue spawning, so if truly nothing was spawning that was probably a glitch.


Just did three in a row. Each time only got one epic - all of which were Koolasuchus - the rest are the typical commons. Like seriously, why Koolasuchus? I just want one Ankylosaurus :sob:


I had done a rare capsule when they first came out, gift from Ludia for supporting them, and I got 2 epics 4 rares and 4 commons. Did a couple common capsules also and got an epic each time. This was all while I was sitting on my fat ass. My wife wasn’t so lucky.


I bought an epic capsule and all I got was 2 commons! Even thry took till the last 3 minutes to spawn. No epics in the 20 minutes. Contacted customer support and haven’t heard anything back


did a common capsule today (free from a SD) and it spawned brachiasaurus :joy:


I had a trex… only 0.14% for an epic apparently haha


where is that statistic from?


Metahub I think It was