Scent capsules did nothing


I launched a scent capsule yesterday and didn’t have the first Dino to spawn anywhere near or away from the scent and after my time was up I guess I automatically had a complementary scent to launch on its own and I still didn’t get nothing at all! Is anyone else having this same problem! Ludia?


I’ve only launched common ones, and I get 1 spawn immediately, then one at around the 3 minute mark, then one with about 40 seconds left… sometimes the 3rd spawn is a Rare instead of a common.

It’s never auto launched a second one, but it does pop up a box asking me if I want to launch another one with a big YES or NO.

So far it hasn’t glitched out on me. That’s my experience, I have not yet tried the Rare or Epic capsule.


As @jammco mentioned, it works that way. As a software developer, I can see a pattern with how the scent capsules work. Here is my analysis:
There is a time-frame for each dinosaur to appear. After activating, we see a dino immediately(within first five seconds). No matter what. The next ones would appear exactly after the two minute interval.

So for the Normal capsule, we get a total of 3 dinos. For rare/epic scent, we get 10 dinos. And these dinos are basically depends on the time of the day you are activating the capsule. For example, if you activate it in the day time, you can expect Apatosaurus/Stegosaurs and if you did it in the night, we might see a Velociraptor/Kaprosuchus(which only spawns at night). Hope this is useful.


Hey Winkles2017, there is more information on our FAQ about how Scent capsules work here that can be helpful:
However, if your Scent capsule went off automatically, contact our support team here at with your support key so they can take a closer look at your account and see what might have happened.