Scent capsules disappear

A couple times now, I have won a large scent capsule and it disappears from my inventory. It seems that if you have the max amount of small capsules, you can’t keep a large capsule.

I always have the max amount of common small capsules, and have never lost any of the four large ones I’ve won in scent towers. It may just be a bug or glitch you’re experiencing. Best of luck.

Hey EeyoreBec, I’m sorry to hear that happened. The Scent Capsules in your inventory is divided into three categories, Basic, Rare, and Epic. If you won a Large Basic Scent Capsule from the Strike tower and the number of Basic Scent Capsule is full in your inventory, the Large Scent Capsule won’t be added to your inventory.

I hope this information helps!

Edit: Sorry about that DPG members, there was some miscommunication of information on my end. You won’t lose your Large Basic Scent Capsule if the Small basic one in your inventory is full. However, if the Large Basic Scent slot is full, you won’t be able to receive it. If you find that you’re not getting the Large Basic Scent Capsules because the small one is full, please email our staff at with your support key so they can take a closer look into your account.

But I’ve literally gotten the large capsules when I had two or more basic one’s.

Also, why? It’s not a basic scent and is added to a separate category with space for two large ones, and isn’t added to the basic inventory count. That’s absolutely ridiculous, although the fact that you can’t collect more than 2 of any scents from towers and drops but you can PURCHASE as many as you like is in itself completely absurd and a blatant scheme.

Yeah that’s not right at all it’s added into a separate box.

Yup that’s right, just like the Halloween capsules have their own box too.

@Ned Are you sure about that?

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:joy::joy::joy: so basically this is proof they just talk rubbish then. Great :smiley:

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Quite often you’ll find support staff on official forums don’t actually actively play the game, most stuff they post is scripted, guess this time they went off script and got it wrong. :thinking:

Thank God. I was bummed I didn’t have a large one right now to scree shot, glad someone did!

Just doing my bit to help. :smile:

why so many unused scent capsules?

Recently I’ve lacked the enthusiasm to go on a decent hunt, I’ve just grabbed whatever dinos happened to appear. Normally I use up one small scent so any collected from supply drops aren’t wasted, or if a scent strike pops up I’ll use a few to make room for the prizes.

I’ll use them eventually.

I never got a Halloween scent. Vanished from inventory?

You win it in the special themed scent strike.