Scent Capsules


Scent capsules NEED MORE TIME! It’s ridiculous only getting 20 minutes for the price of 1k Cash. You expect me to run around and pretend its an easter egg hunt?

New Scent capsules

Run around? You stay put and dinos come to you.


If you stay put you will only get 1 dino per spawn, if you walk about you get 2 dinos per spawn.


What did you get for your 20 min epic bait? I used a rare only 200 and got a T-Rex. Maybe don’t always swing for the fences. Yes 1000 I thought was a bit steep initially. Then I realized I don’t have to buy it :grinning:


I had 3 spawns and stayed at one place.


I mean at the same time not total btw.


It says it guarantees 1 dino. Not going to throw 1k for just 1 close encounter.


I’m definitely interested in the underlying mechanics, I assume we’ll figure them out over the coming days.

For my rare scent capsule, I got, stationary (no walking around), as rares:

  • Dracorex
  • Tenontosaurus
  • Dimetrodon
  • Amargasaurus

I also got an assortment of commons.

It seemed like things spawned about once every 90-120 seconds. I made sure to dart everything the moment it popped up, in case it wouldn’t spawn something new while the old thing was out, but that’ll be something to test going forward.

Haul was merely okay until that Amargyboy popped up. Always need more of that. Always.


Do non-local dinos show up?


So far I’ve tested out two epics and both were spawn specific to the local I was currently in so its looking that way. Given the couple epics you have a chance to get spawned though its kind of nice to be able to try and target a set group at least instead of a giant pool.


How about spawnless area then? Standing still, will dinosaurs walk to you equally frequent?


I tested that as well, though the second one I had wasn’t as good as the first it seems to be no different, just luck. I tested number two in an area were nothing spawns out of curiosity seemed to be the same amount of spawns just happened to get less epics. What I’m wondering though is if it increases odds of goodies popping up while your moving such as being a passenger, but my guess is its just a chance based on a spawn happening every x amount of time for the duration so moving around might not do anything different than sitting on your sofa lol


Will they show up for anyone in the area or just the person who uses the capsule?


It’s only for you it says on their original post.


Do new ones spawn if you choose not to dart?


Yes, I ignored a few they despawn after like a minute


Walking around, just testing it out… had a gorgo follow me around. LOL

I’m not kidding. I would stop every fifty feet or so, and i would get a new spawn to appear. It was the same gorgo, every time. Looks like I’ve got a new pet now…


In 20 minutes, without moving, I got 2 Ouranosaurus and 1 Pyroraptor from my epic scent capsule, plus a rare Triceratops. I’d say it was worth it.


Anyone noticed that dinos found from scent dont speed up past walking making them much easier to dart?


I’ll be using the rare scent capsule tonight, and hope for some kapros.

Did anyone else get three free scent capsules today? 2 commons and a rare?