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Scent for Closer Strike Events

Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic and going out and about is discourage unless really necessary, it would be nice if Ludia could offer some kind of scent that would turn supply drops in your circle to the strike events happening on a given day.

I understand this is a game where going out and hunting is encouraged, but during these times, it seems like an unsafe push to go and get strikes. Plus, we all just want to have fun during these times and it’s challenging when that fun involves unnecessary travels.

I’m sure someone will argue “well that’s your choice to stay in”, but I just feel like there’s subtle encouragement for unsafe actions on Ludia’s part by placing strike events sparsely in my area lately. Other players have said the same thing about lack of strike events, specifically the big Friday events.

Help us make safer choices, Ludia, make strike events more accessible during this pandemic from our current locations.