Scent limit

Does anyone know how to raise the limit of scents collected from 2 to 3

You don’t/can’t

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They should remove the scent limitation.
Why can’t we stack up the scents as much as we can, and use it when required?

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I have 3 giga and it didnt stop me

you cannot - Giga used to be limit of 3 but now it’s 2. For all others it is 2. This is why the Goat scent challenge in Campaign is so confusing bc it rewards 3, but only gives you 2 of the 3 haha


one can only dream :rofl: It’s probably because you can buy scents and if we were allowed to stash scents we got for free, there would be no reason for ludia to sell them. I’m just lazy and never use the special scents unless I am forced to use them to collect another. I also am a collector I guess.

Ok thanks yes the goat scent challenge confused me but that’s for clarifying it for me

Is there any other way to buy or get goat scent except for the 2 challenges

Nah They seriously didnt stop me

Probably never unless they do the goat again for April Fools, or they just decide to sell it in market again