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Scent of blood : No kelenken or alloasaurus gen 2!

I did the maths on the new Scent of blood, and turns out, kelenken and alloasaurus gen 2 have a 0% chance of spawning, because 29.31 x 3 = 87.93, for commons, 5.28 x 2 = 10.56, for t-rex gen 2 and suchotator, and 1.51, for indominous rex gen 2, so 87.93 + 10.56 + 1.51 = 100! Meaning there is no room for kelenken or alloasaurus gen 2!
Ludia, please fix this!


Exactly, there is 0% chance for kelenken and allo gen 2. If not, someone must explain how these odds work.

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rounding error? We have the same thing on smiloceph and phorosuara at lv 20.

I’ve seen people getting both from the scent so it is possible.

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yeah i got kelenken with my second scent

Correct me if I am wrong but the Scent of blood shows the odds are less than 1% and 0% is in fact less than 1%.

0.99% is also less than 1% but it’s still a chance :wink:

You can’t go off of the percentages in the images because those are rounded. We don’t have the actual updated data on the new Scent of Blood from the code, but here is the Raptor scent as an example. The odds in the game:

The ACTUAL odds in the code:

So there IS a chance to get Kelenken and Allo2 in the scent. It’s just really small.


I didn’t see Allo g2 and keleken yet from scents of blood yet

I’ve seen several screen shots of people getting Allo2 specifically so it’s possible :woman_shrugging:

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