Scent of Claws Bundle

Now this looks like a great deal! Can get five of those for only $10!

Looks like the cute ones are in the scents rather than an event week …

They put the scents out the week before Halloween, but the dinos were still featured the week after that. I bet we’ll see them as the event dinos next week.


Good point :+1:

Im hoping for some incs too.

Just used one and got:
5x apatosaurus
2x stegosaurus
1x charlie
1x dracorex
1x brachiosaurus


So basically scent of herbivores not claws

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Common: Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus
Rare: Charlie, Delta, Dracorex
Epic: Brachiosaurus, Blue, Sinoceratops

I found this at Meta Hubs website :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love scents and especially the bundles, but with the scent glitch I just don’t think so…Ludia, your losing money from a pay to play player over here.

Yeah. I just used one and it was very annoying force restarting after each encounter so that I could see the timer.

Also… the quality of dinos from this one is much lower than the Halloween bundle.


The quality of this scent is what the playerbase picked as their cutest creatures back in the poll they ran a few months back…

This is what we voted for… same with the Halloween creatures…


I never saw the results of the poll for cutest dinos. Did people really choose apato and Stego as cute?


Wait…what? You found Blue in the wild, through a scent spawn?

Im pretty sure I voted for apato because at the time it was a dusk only spawn…

But beyond that i ownly remember voting for draco, sino,ourano, and if erlick was an option i think i voted for that.

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That info is from meta hub, one of the original Christmas announcements.

I got blue from the raptor scent before so its likely.


I remember voting for sino, but can’t recall what commons I voted for.

Everyone was like hey, don’t actually vote for the cute ones, vote for the ones we need lol!


Pretty rubbish scent in all honesty


9 majuns in a row from a free large common is frustrating so anything is an improvement from there.