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Scent of claws on sale

Will scent of claws be on sale

I thought Scent of Claws was going to be this week, but I think it will be next week now.

Hopefully it’s just like the harvest and Halloween scents.

Last year I remember reading it would be creatures with claws and teeth. So I was excited thinking I’d get raptor dna. Mine spawned all sorts of stegosaurus. I was upset but then stego was put in parks and borderline extinct so it worked out.


I thought the Scent of Claws was going to reset today? I have 2 from last year but they still have the same contents. I’m pretty sure they will be on sale.

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ooo I hope so, I loved scent of claws!

Yeah I still have a Scent of Claws also because I keep 1 of each different types of scent since I enjoy collecting them! :upside_down_face: I even have the Lord Lythronax scent! That was by far the hardest strike/scent battle ever, so I think not many people have it.

I also used the Scent of Claws to get Stegosaurus since as you said, they had made it practically extinct at the time since it was park locked and it helped with that a lot. Even though Stegosaurus is available all day Saturday, I’m low after getting my Stegodeus to level 30, so I do hope they bring the Scent of Claws back really soon! Stegosaurus is the thing holding me back from leveling up my Monostegotops at the moment. I actually have a couple thousand Monolophosaurus from using scents and a few wilds I picked up recently so it’s this weird situation where I have the rare epic but not the common I need.

Anyway, here is my scent collection!


Lol hoarding is a real problem. I use all my scents, because what if they come back later?


I’ve been saving 1 of each myself. Once I get the duplicate I use one. It’s just neat to look at. Of course the real benefit is the possible dna however the collection is cool too. I only collect the ones from strike towers. I don’t purchase any.


It doesn’t seem to be an option in supply drops this year. Does anyone see a way to get it?

That’s what I wondered yesterday. They should be in supply drops like all the others have been.

My guess is Ludia have screwed up again.


PC because of pronunciation, maybe?

“Scent of Claws” is no more :frowning:

It has been renamed “Winter Scent” in my inventory and in the strike tower.

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Yeah. Now it sucks we no longer have scent of claws. It will forever be missing from my inventory.

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Well we had the strike tower for it yesterday, so… :thinking:

For a winter scent not scent of claws

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