Scent of fear question

I’m pretty sure I know the answer but asking anyway!

If I have 2 purchased already winning one won’t get me any correct?

pretty sure that’s correct! Use one then do the strike! :slight_smile:

I actually have 5!

I ain’t got the 2 hours to spare right now!!!

HA! :slight_smile: You’ll have to use a few then. :slight_smile: I’m going to get a bunch after the event I think. The raptor dna alone is worth it to me

I’m sorry but ones you buy and ones you collect should always be separated! By them not being separate it unfairly penalized the ones paying to support the game!

I have 11/2 scents lol and yes, the one you win doesn’t get added if you already have 2 or more

5 fear scents! That’s awesome… haha Be afraid… be very afraid :scream: :ghost:

So I guess that answers my question then, they do stack for purchased ones?