Scent pack issues

Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to contact anyone about 2 scent pack issues, and if anything can be done about it.

First one, totally my fault I’m sure. I was a passenger in a car, to kill time I bought an epic scent, yep 1000 Dino dollars.

Did not realize that when they spawned that they would do so at 75-80 mph, lol. So for 20 minutes I caught nothing.

Second one just happened. Once again bought a 5 pack. Sat here for 5 minutes and nothing spawned.

Basically just venting. Hope there might be help out there.

Email support. They should be able to assist you on the second one. The first one… well…

Yeah, I’m usually smarter than that.

I had that same problem you had with the second. I emailed support and it took two weeks and a couple nudge emails but they did reimburse my 1000 ingame cash. Not sure much can be done about your first one though as that’s sort of operator error.

Yeah, not one of my brightest moves.