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Scent Spawns Changing - Is this a Bug?


I know people talked about this before 1.6 but I wasn’t sure if it was an actual bug. I was using an epic scent in a park and a Trice and Maia spawned. I darted the Trice first and when I got back to the map screen the Maia had turned into a Sino. I was excited because I really need Sino, but would have been pretty disappointed if it had been the other way around. Has this happened to anyone else?


Too many times to count. Send a ticket in game to support and tell them what happened. I’ve had Trexes turn into diplocaulus & Sinos turn into Allosaurus. They’ve compt me Epic Scents when I used Epic Scents in these circumstances

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I will probably do that. I still got an epic out of it (and it was one I wanted) so I probably won’t be compensated, but the bug is very annoying.