Scent Strike Capsules


I fought 2 Scent Strike towers this week …won both but it didnt give me the capsule prize…i had purchased 5 a day before from the store, but only used 3…When i checked if it gave me the capsule today. It did not…What can i do?


It’s becsuse you have 2/2 already. I never get mine because I do the strikes in the daytime and typically have my 2 scents from free spins already


Umm cant they just add them? When i buy them they say 5/2…guess i will have to refrain from buying anymore


Hey Stormi_Wolffe, the Scent Capsules will be added into your inventory if they are purchased in the in-game store, even if your inventory is full. Sadly, Scent Capsules you receive from other methods such as through supply drops or Scent towers will not be added.


Oooo thats why i didnt get them…was wondering why…will have to make sure i dont have any when i go to do the tower…