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Scent strike for 10-10-19

Ok, I did today’s scent strike and the pick your team screen it said “defeat these 3 creatures to get an epic scent’ When I completed the strike I received a large scent capsule. What’s going on?

Hey testafoto, the Scent Strike event today has a chance to reward a Large, Rare, or Epic Scent.

I hope that helps!

A particular type of Scent is never guaranteed.
You will get one of four.
Common 5 minutes
Common 20 minutes

Getting the 20 minute scent really sucks but not as much as getting a 5 - that really shouldn’t even be possible.


Thanks, Ned and everyone else. I understand how it works now. Yes the 5 minute scent stinks. I got that one the last time. I didn’t know that was possible. Thanks again

I got an epic scent. :man_shrugging:

Lucky! Got a common. Ah well, anything 20 minutes is a good reason for me to go out and mix it with a park visit :slight_smile:

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Don’t expect any park dinos from it though. That still isn’t working.

I know but walking through a park does give me a shot :wink:

Common = 50% chance
Rare = 30%
Epic = 20%

Very true! I haven’t been very lucky finding the elusive turtle. I hope your search goes well!


Park dino? = ‘Theme Park’?

Seen one but wasn’t able to get to it that day…