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Scent strike?

After a quick trip through town I still haven’t seen this strike event.
Has anyone seen it? Or is it missing?

It happened yesterday.
Then today, for a little while, we had the 5 step large incubator strike we are supposed to get tomorrow instead of the rare incubator strike.
Lucky us, it was fixed very quickly.

Yeah I logged in about half hour after the map change. At that time I only saw the easy small tower. Then a few hours later I saw the rare blue tower was out, but I still haven’t seen the scent strike.

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It’s still there from yesterday. Done it already?

So that’s what happened there. I was confused because I could not do it no matter how many times I tapped on Battle, then after restart it changed into the rare. But I still got 20 Brachi DNA so… that’s good.