Scent timer bug

I used scents today and noticed that the timer disappears after darting a dino. Upon restarting, it would appear again and would disappear every after darting a dino. It’s still working though but it’s just annoying that you couldn’t see the timer. I rely on it to slow down whenever it’s about to hit the 2 min mark.


Hey Legomin1314, thanks for reporting this to us. Do you know if this only happens with certain Scent Capsules or all of them? If you have any more information on the date and time of when you activated your Scent Capsule as well, email our team here at with your support key so they can take a look and see what the issue could be. Thanks!

I just noticed the timer was gone also. Was using the blue rare scent. Wasn’t darting every dino so not sure if the timer ever reappeared again or not.

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It happened just today… Epic scents for me.

Happened to me last night with a rare scent. Saw someone else post about the same thing yesterday.

Map also disappears as well.

It happened to me three times in 4 scents where after darting the dino the light blue loading circle keeps going on and the game doesn’t show new Dino’s, I restarted again it didn’t work. Then restarted again and it worked but doing all this the scent time gets over or very less time left. 20 mins and 5 mins capsules used. Didn’t use my epic because of this. Also clicked concavater for darting and the silver loading circle started and missed it too. Not happy about it

Just sent an e-mail message to support with details as this happened to me this morning.

Scent capsules aren’t currently working correctly. After your first spawn both the scent graphic and the timer disappeared. When I would restart my phone, both the timer and scent swirl would reappear, but again as soon as I would dart my scent spawn …no timer, and no scent swirl graphic.

After using this scent I had to keep restarting my game just so I could dart the dinos I was able to lure in because the scent would disappear after darting just one dino

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Happened to me too just now

it’s very annoying, hope they can fix it asap

I had this problem last night, where the Scent seems to be disappearing. But actually, the scent is still in place and you would get a dino spawn as usual. I have not restarted the app, but I just kept waiting for the dinos to appear and which they did.

Only thing I found weird is: Scent appears to be off. Like, there is no animation or whatsoever after the first dino.

How do I update the game?

Through the app store or Google play store but it should do it automatically when you open the app

I had the same problem with large and basic scents…after the first dino the timer disapperd and than the whole map too :smirk:

It’s seems like only iPhone users are affected.

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Yep, iPhone user :expressionless::confused:

Anyone face the same issue as me?
After every catch the map is back to normal, i have to reload the game with every single catch in order to see the capsule in place with timer…

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Me too! I think this may be widespread.