Scent timer bug

Can’t say that I have experienced this myself.

Same here! The capsule still work you just lose the timer! timer was valuable and needed

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Bug Description:
open the epic scent…whenever dart a creature, the timer disappear…need to relaunch the app the get the timer back.

go on darting, the map will crash

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1-
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: yesterday and today, i opened 3 epic scents…all the same

What type of device are you using:
X, ios

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Yes! I noticed it with common scents yesterday

I have had the same issue twice now- once with a common scent and sadly today with the Claws scent. Unfortunately I didn’t realize restarting would bring back the capsule until some time had lapsed on my Claws capsule and missed out on quite a bit. I also discovered that clicking away from the map screen for any reason kills the spawn ring, although the timer only goes if you dart. The capsule keeps counting down but does NOT continue spawning/attracting dinosaurs if the ring graphic isn’t present. Very frustrating as restarting takes a decent chunk of time.


This has been happening to me too:

I’ve seen it with short and long common scents.

When you are done darting a dinosaur, the scent disappears.

If you restart the game, it reappears again.

It’s been happening for the past day or so.

I’m running off an iPhone X

Another issue I noticed is with the double spawns upon moving with scents, the other spawn also disappears. When you restart the game, you will see it again. @Ned

I have the same bug. Please fix, Ludia! Thanks.

Experiencing the same situation.

Restarting the game brings back the timer. But after darting a dino it’s gone again.

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I too am having this issue. Timer doesn’t appear and the scent animation vanishes after darting one dino. Also had it where I couldn’t tap on anything until I restarted my game. Happened with a rare scent and a common 5min scent. Also a IPhone user.

Same problem here today, 5 min scent Iphone 8 IOS 12.1.1

So I don’t usually post on things like this, and I promise I’m not complaining. I’m just a tad frustrated because having issues with the map and scent capsules. So prior to the latest patch I had bought an epic scent capsule and was actually going to be going on a road trip. When I activated it, the map continuesly lagged out and despite being able to see the map, no dinosaurs or supply drops would load. I practically wasted the entire scent opening and closing the app to try and load the map up. I thought this was due to possibly going fast on a highway, but I had a connection of five bars. As I mentioned this was prior to the last patch, but it has continued to this one. As of today I got another epic scent capsule and while using it in the car (as a passenger of course)the map had the same issue. We were only going about 35 mph and again I had five bars so it shouldn’t have lagged the map out. I again wasted the whole capsule with only getting just a Few dinosaurs. I again had to open and close the app to get it to work. This also happened with a rare and large common scent, but I’m not really upset about those as they don’t cost as much and aren’t as critical to dna collection as the epics. Also (like many others) when I use a scent and dart a dinosaur the timer disappears and a few times caused the entire map to disappear all together which caused me to have to open and close the app to have wasted 3-4 minutes of my scent trying to get it to work. The timer bug is minor, but the entire map not loading and the map lagging out when I’m trying to use my epic scents on the road are very frustrating. It makes me not want to get epic capsules because I’m afraid it will be wasted, and I refuse to stand in one spot and use an epic dna. Why? Because if I do all I’ll get is diplocalus dna (all day, every day), and I swear I’m not exaggerating. Wasting two epic scents when spawns are very poor for me now is a big deal. Please fix it.

Hi @Litt1eRed, I had same issues previously and for me it was powerbank (external battery) - if I handle it as “sandwich” my map goes crazy (not only JWA but navigation apps too), so finally I’ve realized what cause it and handle the battery in other hand.

May be it’s your case too, but I could confirm what with latest JWA build the map issues appears more often even without battery attached :frowning:

Also here problems with scent timer. After restart the game it will show up. After darting a dino… disapears again.

Also iPhone user.

Is anyone else encountering a glitch where you need to restart your game after every Dino you catch when you have a scent capsul going? After every Dino I catch my capsul is inactivated until I restart.

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Yes. There is another thread on here from yesterday. Happens in the large scent and rare scent. Not sure if it affects the common or epic.

I think ludia caused this when they fixed the no cap issue on the drops. Maybe ludia can take the cap off again and see if it fixes the problem.

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I could confirm what the bug with scent was fixed in JWA 1.5.32 (ios) :+1: