Scenting in parks

As more of a night person, I usually spend my daily 5-minute scents before going to bed, to finish my daily missions.
I live near a small park (just large enough that walking from one end to the other will get you two spawns on a scent), and I always wondered why I never seemed to find any Carbo, Wuerho or Tenonto.
Then I checked the spawn charts and realised Carbo is a Dawn/Day/Dusk spawn, silly me.

So I started spending my scents earlier in the evening, since I’m short of Carbo DNA for Smilon. A rare scent and a few 5-minute scents later, and all I had got was a bunch of Wuerhosaurus, and one Tenontosaurus. Given that I had just levelled my Tarkus to team level, this was frustrating, to say the least.

Anyway, I’ve realised that the anytime spawns, specifically Bajadasaurus are waay more likely to spawn while scenting at night due to the more concentrated pool of dinos (since there are no dedicated night creatures in parks, only the globals), while during the day, while it is possible to get both Carbo and Baja (two creatures I want for their hybrids), it’s much more likely that I’ll just get a truckload of Wuerhosaurus, at least relatively.

So far I’ve only ever seen one Carbonemys actually spawn at a park, scents or no scents, even though I pass by a whole bunch every time I go hunting, so the whole situation in general seems rather discouraging.

So how do y’all hunt for Carbo? Just drive by parks with crossed fingers, or is farming scents during the day worth it?
Because otherwise it seems much better to me to just scent at night and accumulate Baja DNA, even though I’ll never get Carbo. But that’s just my two scents :wink:.

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Mind giving me some wuerho? Lol


A relative truckload :joy:.
I got like ten times more Wuerho than any other rare or epic, but it was still in the midst of all the usual Commons.
At least I have Sarco though, if I ever want to level Rixis. Which I do, but I don’t have the coin lol.

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How bout velo? Please tell me you have a truckload of that too xd

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Oh I do, but that’s just because I haven’t been spending, due to said coin deficiency. I also have 105k Tarbo, which might not be a lot for some, but it certainly is for me.

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drive by the small parks along the highways (as a passenger) and hope for the best. They have 1-2 spawns each and it’s a gamble.

There are a few places that have park spawns that aren’t registered as parks, but even there anything other than commons is few and far between.

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I am in the same predicament as you. I am trying to level up my Smilonemys as so far can only get it in sanctuaries.

No luck finding it in the wild for few weeks now.

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Pretty much this :point_up_2:

And if it makes you feel any better I spent an hour driving round trying to find turtles one night and then someone pointed out they don’t spawn at night … did get an epic flyer and a rhino though.


I rarely get Carbo from scents (not really trying to get them as I’m after the Wuerho instead) but I run into Carbo naturally spawned in parks.

I live in between two parks (yay green supply drops!), been playing for 5 months and I’d say I have only seen carbo 3 times. Wuero, tent, Utah and ornith are a little more frequent, but those are “rares”. I’m really sad about the new migration, I used to get a lot more Baja and purrusaurus gen2…It seems parks are getting mostly global spawn and very little park exclusives since the new update. I wish it would go back to the way it was!

Also, do scents give out more Dino’s when walking?? I always just do them.from my couch and get 3 per 5 minutes, but I’d go walking if it gave me more!

scents will give 1 the first time (right after it is used) then they will spawn 2 dinos at a time as long as you have enough distance between where you are and where they spawned at last.

Stopped by a park after work tonight for about a half hour. Saw 4 Baja, Sino, and epic rex not a green drop. Going back to the park tomorrow to hunt more a look for Carbo before the super bowl starts…

You just have to cross your fingers. Honestly carbo should of been made a 24/7 spawn. All day and night…

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That would have been awesome! There’s so many day/dawn/dusk spawns in parks, but literally zero night ones.

I get off work at night. So pterano spawns. I have a lvl 30 orion and still finding pteranodon. 5k pterano left over lol. Pterano spawns in the day too, taking carbo spots.

Carbo should have been bumped to 24/7 spawn in place of pteranodon.

Before this 1.12 update, I could find at least one Carbo per park trip (I have a large park). But recently my park is plagued with global spawns more than park spawns. Carbo is definately rarer this patch.

Ever since the Titanoboa event (yes, it’s been a while), I’ve noticed something new while scenting in parks. If even a small portion of the inner circle is outside the park boundary, regardless of the position of the central point, I start getting local spawns inside the park.

This is a problem for me, because the only park I have around is only a little larger than the inner circle, and earlier this would have been enough to ensure that I got 2 park spawns every 2 minutes from a scent if I walked from one end to the other. But nowadays, I get just as many local spawns as I do parks and globals.

During the Titanoboa event, I ran my first Epic scent in a park during the day there, and got 2 Carbonemys from it, so I assumed that with reasonable luck I could get more soon.
In spite of running both 5 minute scents (practically every day), Large scent capsules (2 I think), Rare scents (3 or 4) and 3 Epic Scents there since then, I haven’t seen another Carbonemys since.

I usually run my scents around noon, so I know Carbonemys should have a higher spawn chance than Pteranodon, but I have seen Pteranodon waaaaay more often. I’ve had that blasted pterosaur spawn from 5- minute scents multiple times, from Large scent capsules once or twice, multiple times from Rare scents, and 1-3 of them with every Epic Scent so far.

I’d blame the lack of turtles on the fact that locals now spawn in my Epic Scents, but for the fact that Pteranodon spawns as often as ever in spite of that.

I’ve also had Pteranodon spawn normally during the day since then, but no Carbonemys.

I could just be very unlucky of course, but I’m now debating whether or not I should continue what feels like wasting my scents in the park, as opposed to taking them somewhere else to try and hunt something else.

I’d like to hear you guys’ take on this.

Edit: I also got 1 Pteranodon from a Giga Scent during the day, but no Carbonemys.

A few weeks ago, I actually had a turtle pop up in a Menard’s parking lot and later got on at a park.

Last week, I did an epic scent at another park and got 2 turtles. This could just be luck but this particular park has had turtles spawns in the past.

I have noticed since the last update, unmarked park areas are popping up park creatures. I’ve got Bajatonodon to level 18 now grabbing those here and there along with getting them doing scents in parks.

I’m looking forward to more warmer weather to get out on the bike but at least with no snow, I can at least get out walking to a few parks.