Scents and new skins

  1. How many players use event-oriented (not map-tied) scents with high expectations to find epics and rares? I think the percentage distribution is reasonable (nearly 90% for commons and 10% for rares and epics), but can this be a bit more friendly to serious players?

  2. New skin feature has introduced, but are these skins ready for all creatures and how hard or easy is it going to get ones? Is this going to be something that every player aims for?

While I was thinking above, I came up with one suggestion. How about this, Ludia?

  • Players can receive new skins for non-hybrid creatures whose DNAs reach max capacity (500k for commons, 200k for rares, and 50k for epics).
  • When new skins are on, the creature will not spawn from the event-oriented scents.
    => When particular creatures don’t spawn, the spawn rate should be distributed among the rest of the creatures by the weighted ratio. Taking Raptor Scent as an example, if a player has a new skin of velociraptor and put on the new skin, velociraptor will not spawn and the spawn rate will be distributed among other raptors. As deinonychus has high spawn rate, it’s newly distributed rate will be around 80%. When the player manages to obtain skins for both velociraptor and deinonychus, the two creatures will not spawn and only rare and epic raptors spawn from the Raptor Scent.


  • Once a player receives the new skins, they won’t disappear even when the DNAs are consumed and not at max capacity anymore.
  • These non-hybrid badges cannot be purchased at market, but there should be more opportunities to purchase the DNAs at market.

In order to enjoy this game for longer term, I hope this idea doesn’t destroy game balance in short terms, but rather, motivates players to dart more (or to spend more money).


using dna to unlock new skins is great idea.

Thank you! If there is a bit more incentives, I think more people get active on darting.