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Scents and what My opinion on them

I think the scents are a good way to get creatures not gonna lie but I have some things that I would change about them so I’m going to say what needs to be changed about them

1st: Add allosaurus gen 2 to the apex therapod scent
2nd: I have issues with the spawn rates of commons in some scents eg the anniversary one because in that scent I wasn’t even getting archeotherium all I was getting was useless inostrancevia so do you mind changing the spawn rates on creatures if you get them multiple times in a row so eg you get 2 of the same creature in a row that creature has half the chance of spawning until you don’t get that specific creature

3rd: Make some new scents for areas so make areas get scents that give players creatures that are not native to their area eg give area 1 players scents that give them creatures from area 4
I hope you take notice to this and try and implement something like this into the scents

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