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Scents dont attract park dinos

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Bug Description: Scents dont attract park exclusive creatures

Area it was found in: Scents when in a park-region (the green spots on the map that spawn Lythronax, Sarcosuchus, Tenentosaurus, etc.)

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- use a scent in a park-region area
Step 2 - (no second action needed)
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: 100% of the time since 1.9 launched

What type of device are you using: Iphone 7+

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Maybe they changed this as they did used to. I hope they still do.

I wasted two epic scents trying to get a Carbonemys so i could start leveling it for Smilonemys, but literally no park creatures, as well as Carbo itself showed up.

Oh well, at least im only 10 dna away from getting Diorajasaur, so i guess it wasnt a complete waste of time

Hey everyone, Jorge’s previous post might be able to clarify things up a bit:

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Wait so this means that scents now no longer attract any park creatures and we have to wait until update 2.0?

I just had the same thing happen with a Rare Scent

Fix this! Park spawns are so diminished that we NEED scents to find the Dino’s we want!


@Ned & @Jorge

Could you please clarify. Does this so called “fix” mean that scent capsules used in parks will no longer spawn ANY park creatures at all any more.

I used 3 scent capsules in two different parks and had ZERO park creatures spawn.

Thank you,


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I tried it out with a common scent to be sure. Yep no park spawns. Gave me current local spawns.

alredy read the notes and still it doesn not help in answering our problem…

Im not sure why some are confused here…

“We are aware that Scent Capsules are not attracting “park creatures” as would be expected and it’s something we want to improve in a future update.”

They fixed an exploit… and now scents no longer work for park spawns and they hope sometime in the future they can fix this.

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People want to know what “future update” means.
Does it mean they will push an update later this week to fix it?
Or does it mean they wont fix it until 1.10 drops in 2 months.

Were talking about Ludia here… i wouldnt even expect it in the next patch.

When we first read that, we took it as:
“We are aware that the scent capsules allow for refreshing the spawns into locals after you capture one of the two.” (note this was posted while we still had 1.8, so we had no way of knowing they meant “We broke the capsules for park areas in 1.9. Don’t hold your breath until we fix them.”)

Wait what? So in fact with this Ludia is actually disencouraging us to BUY something—>scents?

They just lock us the turtle to sell us incubator…i m pretty sure that’s the reason

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Yeah, I know but Ludia has a way of wording things so as to tell us without being clear what they actually mean.

Pretty sure my favorite one was back in 1.5 when the patch notes read…

" …rebalanced spawns to take account for dinosaurs that are used in multiple hybrids like Trex."

Was their way of telling us they made Rex one of the rarer 1.5 spawns.

Its like how they use the words improve instead of fix… to me their telling us the plan is scents in park have a chance to spawn park dinos but not exclusively is their goal here.

It’s like they made the bug permanent. It was actually HINDERING players that 1 of the 2 park creatures would switch to local after taking 1.

It is a known issue at the moment, @Oriondestiny. Our team is actively working on a fix for this. :slight_smile:


This is exactly what I find hilarious.
“We’ve patched an exploit that allowed players to catch local trash in parks instead of catching park creatures. Now everyone can catch local trash until a future patch that comes the next blue moon.”