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Scents dont attract park dinos

According to gamepress, the turtle is also an aquarium spawn. But how many of us can actually get there to confirm this?

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I wonder if the small aquarium expo at a park in my city counts. I didn’t see a turtle over it, but it’s the same park where I found a turtle.

Nest spawns are not really “farmable”. You can walk around a restaurant and pop as many scents as you want, the chances of attracting a “nest” creature are nearly 0. Local will always prevail in this case.

Parks used to be little “locals”. Nests are more like a tiny dot on the map. Also, you’d need the aquarium plus one event “pole” matching the Google tag of aquarium to be able to get a spawn there (otherwise the tiny dot would not be active, would only correspond to the local around).

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lol, the system is hiding my post. The one in which I explained how Ludia devs managed to turn a bug that re-rolled park creatures attracted by scents into an exploit that they were supposedly trying to fix.

Basically, your scent spawns will be always local or global now. Scents don’t lure park creatures anymore. So, if you want to farm a specific local creature, best way is heading to a park in that local and pop a scent.

Post got Ludia’d.

And just because I wrote that, it was censored by the system :rofl:

What if … it was because of the part about the turtle?

Seriously? :rofl:

I went to a park today, used an scent and it only attracts global or local creatures. Basically, parks do not exist anymore in the game.
But if this was intended, do you realise that you achieved completely the opposite that you wanted?

I’ll elaborate because it seems complicated to understand by Ludia’s devs… They stated that there is an exploit that allows to reroll creatures in parks. Well, now the reroll is no longer necessary. You will always get local or global creatures. That means that you managed to transform a bug into the exploit you were trying to prevent. Now, when I want to farm creatures from a specific local I only need to go to a park and pop an scent. Let the exploit begin? :rofl:

But thank you for leaving us with no chance of the new turtle. I believe this is the undercover goal here. To eliminate the possibility of farming in parks. You’re definitely losing a lot of scent users this patch over. I was willing to buy (pay you money!!!) epic incubators to farm in parks. Since, that is no longer possible you’re losing a decent amount of income from a large pool of players willing to invest in the little turtle.

As I said :rofl:

Edit: removed allegedly insulting content :wink:


You have me there. It was something I noticed, and would never be able to actually get to one. Just kind of wondering if it is correct. I can always take a weekend trip to an aquarium and possibly get lucky.

Not sure if this has been reported yet but I used a scent capsule in a park and it did not spawn a single park exclusive dino.

Already reported it, and they said it was a side effect from fixing the park dino reroll bug in the scents…so no park bois can spawn…at all…

“Side effect”. “Fixing”. LOL

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The “fix” is worse than the “exploit,” which never worked in my favor anyway. Last time I ran a rare scent in a park, this happened twice: two quetz spawned at once, and when I darted one, the other turned into a different (useless to me) rare. That was annoying because I was specifically hunting quetz, but I’d still rather have that happen than not be able to scent for park-locked creatures at all.

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So yesterdays update didn’t fix it?
Was in park today, but didn’t dare to try epic scent.

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I activated an Epic scent in the hopes of getting Carbonemys but even though I was in the middle of a large splotch of green on the map, I only got Local and Global spawns from my scent. Got Baryonyx twice and a Secodontosaurus but no park spawns. Is this a big in the game or did Ludia update it such that park spawns work like daily spawns. Wasted my epic scent

Read the Details… it Garanted you at least one epic dino…
Same like the rare… i opened two in the night, hopping to get Echo… but Nothing… only useless DNA for me

Park spawns with capsules does NOT work


Ludia Ludia’d the scents. Now they only attract locals, which ironically was what the bug (which they call exploit) used to cause on rare occasions if you captured one of 2 park creatures that spawned together.


I hope Ludia will not Ludia this up and get this Ludia scent thing to Ludia work again soon in parks. Many people wasted their Ludia epic scent and of course Ludia won’t refund Ludia.

(Replace some of the Ludia with F’s or S’s)


On rare occasions and only if you were running a rare or epic scent, sometimes two rare park creatures would spawn and you could dart both. Usually after you dart the first one, it re-spawns a local creatures.

Honestly, till I read the release notes, I had no idea that was an exploit. I thought that was normal.

For the big effort to either walk about a half mile or drive to a park, they should just have left it as it is. I’m sure there are some people who live right next to a park, but many of us have to schedule time to get to one and do scents.

The real chance I actually go to a park and get a rare park creature is probably one in ten to twenty times. It’s going to take a long time to grow anything involving park spawns now.