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Scents in park seem to be working now

Found a Tenonto (no screenshot of it), a Bajada,

Some apatos,

A mammoth,

Locals (not sure if they were attracted as locals at first or had been rerolled, I was darting something else before checking what the scent attracted)

Another Bajada

A pair of globals:



And it seems to attract those park dinos in non park areas too

Other than mammoth and bajada?

Wow! Those are great finds! :grinning: Thanks for confirming that scents are working again.

Is Woolly Mammoth a park spawn? I’m not sure where I should start to look for her. Does she spawn at night? :thinking:

I’m not sure, I don’t even know about Bajada’s status although I found 2 in the park. Game Press doesn’t have any 1.11 info on this, it seems.

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I just used one and didn’t get a single park spawn

Did you use it in a large park? Most of the stuff attracted were globals (apato, nunda).

This big enough for you?

Well, unless it was attracting a ton of globals, it somehow might not be recognized as a park for some reason.

We just released the spawn guide not too long ago! :grinning:

I saw, thanks.

Also we have our data guy getting into the numbers on park scents. It seems they are attracting park, global, and local creatures but we need more research to finalize anything.

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What about mammoth and rhino?

Mammoth is global this week as a “pursuit” or event type thing. It wasn’t in any of the spawn codes though so we are assuming it isn’t going to be wild. Rhino was found in Epic and Premium incubators (including 24 hr arena incs) but we couldn’t find that in the wild either.

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Thank you. Bad news, it will be hard to get the unique rhino hybrid if no rhino is in the wild :frowning: