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Scents not attracting PARK dinosaurs

Are you guys experiencing the same?

You open a scent in a park but it gives tmyou random creatures rather than the normal park spawns?

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This is a known issue, ever since the update dropped, they’ve been this way.

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The update has been out for ages. I thought something would have been done by now.

Thanks for your message though.

Nope, Ludia decided that it wasn’t a pressing issue. They might fix it next update.


That’s what everyone would think, except for the team at Ludia. We’re as perplexed as you are.

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It needs to be fixed. For some of us, it’s the only way to get some of these dinosaurs.

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Ludia INTENTIONALLY turned off the park spawns. They did not fix the bug they were saying they were trying to fix. And they’ve left it like this until next update, when all the good stuff will probably be moved to other zones.


As mentioned, this was a side effect of them “fixing” (but didn’t actually fix) the park scent trick to reroll spawns.

  • Using Scent Capsules in Parks to respawn a creature
  • We fixed an exploit that would allow someone to “respawn” or “reroll” a creature attracted by a Scent Capsule in a park, which increased the chances of getting rarer creatures. We are aware that Scent Capsules are not attracting “park creatures” as would be expected and it’s something we want to improve in a future update.

Yeah, it’s stupid. I can’t wait for this to be fixed. If they knew how much money they could make off of scents right now, they’d fix it in a heartbeat. Everyone wants the turtle. And i’m sure many would spend money on epic scents just to get it.

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Yeah, I totally would! Will buy 20 of them instantly! Honest! Now please fix?

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At this point the croc is the only epic I need that I can run scents for and it’s just not worth it for the chance of getting 1 creature (but probably it will just be kentro, gorgo & ourano) so with a 1 in 4 chance… no. Nope. Not buying scents for that.

The other epics I need are:
The turtle
The rino

Maia, Smelly & Darwin are dailys you can’t run scents for

Which leaves the turtle and rino - the two park spawn epics.

I can’t remember the last time I actually bought an epic scent… before now it was several times a week. Honestly if park scents were working I would have bought dozens of epic scents by now since the update. Can’t understand why money greedy Lydia haven’t sorted it by now for this reason - it makes no sense? :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Considering they didnt fix the issue… just disabled scents affecting park spawns so park spawns cant be rerolled.

I feel like they need to rework their entire scent spawn system to actually stop the rerolling… which would be nice but its been their since scents were introduced.

They just didnt want us to reroll carbos.

Any day now we’ll be seeing a Carbo incubator in the store because they refuse to fix this.

I didn’t even mind the reroll thing too much, and I especially don’t care if having it means no scents in parks at all.

There was a partial one during the heavy armor event. 33% chance. with it being a 1 in 6 chance on an epic scent/ spawn point in a park, it wasn’t that bad of odds.

Ive had alot of scents reroll me since they were introduced learned pretty quickly to always dart the better dino first. And honestly when ive had one reroll its always an equal or lesser dino… have had epics turn into rares and commons but never had a rare or common turn into an epic.

And the reroll thing is still in the game. Had it happen to me last week during an epic scent. Their fix was to disable park scent spawns and call it an exploit.

Its wasnt an issue until it could affect their potential cash cow carbo… otherwise theyd be talking about disabling all scents for all zones.

The funny thing is … you can’t reroll a carbo since it will always reroll local spawn instead of park spawn.