Scents should make Sense

Scents lures dinosaurs to you, depending on your area it will be different dinos. Except for some special scents that just works on specific dinos. Those have more often better descriptions of what will spawn and then ( what spawn interval). It doesn’t make sense that an interval is in the description of every scent. A large scent lasts for 20 minutes. A spawn every 2 min gives 10 spawns, no. It gives 9, one spawn is just added in the beginning. It doesn’t make sense to have those two last minutes(, it just gives the impression that you might get more spawns), or maybe that last minute. I suggest having large scents last an odd number of minutes, so 19 or 21(will increase number of spawns).

Please comment on your opinion if this makes more sense.


i always thought that there should be another spawn within the last 2 minutes. the fact that other scents spawn dinos in the last minute makes me think that even more, but i guess they just want to give you 2 minutes to tag whatever spawns. in alot of cases if you are moving around, you will get 2 spawns every two minutes. so i guess the time is actually needed so that you dont feel rushed and dart recklessly so that you can get both dinos.

I think those extra minutes in between is to give you time to catch what’s there (including double spawn if you were walking with the scent). The spawns disappear with the scent. Losing the extra 2 minutes at the end means you get the spawn and … don’t get to capture it because it disappears in a split second.

what doesn’t make sense to me is, why not guarentee 2 spawns whether you are walking or not?? in this case just make it 1 spawn per minute then.

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An odd duration just makes more sens to me. Like the five min one. I’m not asking for more dinos just sense. Like you don’t need a full 2 min to cach two dinos, 1 is enouge.

I believe it is based on final distance travelled from last spawn. The app docent track there you travelled to do the calculation. That doesn’t make sense either, you are right.

Because of the lag on the game and losing issues, it can take me 50 sec to 1min 20 to dart, collect, load, map load, dino appear, click dino, load more, then start over.

Granted when the game works correctly it takes about 35 seconds to do all that. So I say 2 min between is fine. Mainly to help those with issues.

Maybe just have the dinos not dissapear after the 2 min and just add another. That way they could add 1 more dino at the end of 20 min

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Try a slow phone… Especially in areas with lots of buildings it can take well over 1 minute per dino.

I think the first dino should always be a double though, because what if I was already walking?

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