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Scents... we have a bit of an issue lol

In regards to scents… a lot of us players have no problem with spending cash to buy scents, as it does help since spawn rates are still not high enough (yes, they are better but still not enough good spawns :man_shrugging:)
But the least you guys and girls at ludia could do is make better scents or just improve the ones currently available. It is insane to spend 1k in game cash on an epic scent and have completely USELESS commons pop up from it.

And yes, I know in the description of the scents it doesnt guarantee anything besides 1 rare (for the rare scent) and 1 epic (for the epic scent)…
Im just asking to improve the scents.

What are some of your thoughts on this? Agree? Disagree? Suggestions?



For what they cost they should guarantee at least half of the spawns to be the scent typing.


Agree … this screenshot was from a rare scent this morning …

I literally swore aloud :rage:

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Weird flex, but ok.
I agree with OP.

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Ludia is trying to tell you a single epic, no matter what it is, is worth $10 for 70-150 dna of it

I done the scent tower yesterday and received 1 normal scent
According to the photo should be a rare scent
Or am I mistaken and is random
Anybody had the same issue


One shown is the best you can get

Edit: wording is “Scent top prizes are Best Odds”


I think it says best case scenario on the twitter site. At least now we don’t have to be right on top of the tower to battle because after that challenge and to receive a 10 cent capsule was pretty frustrating.

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The photo is misleading
Is not a big difference from comon to rare scent
Sometimes i get more rares from comon scent than from the rare ones

I was doing the math and as an epic scent is a 5th of the price of an epic incubator I can see how a bunch of useless dna is justified. Not that it is right by any means, but 397/5 is under 100 epic. The prices in general are too high and I don’t think I’m the only one that would buy more if they were more reasonably priced.

It’s not misleading. You just have to actually read the post. Multiple times it says “scent top prizes are best odds”

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Out of all the scent strikes, I have received only 1 epic and 1 rare, odds are definitely NOT in my favor, lol

i have gotten epic scents the past two weeks. hopefully this run continues lol.

i find scents strange. i got 4 epics last night. the two scents prior i got only one. sometimes i get more epics from a rare scent then an epic scent lol

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I think if your alliance team members are playing within the same radius. Is it possible to allow a team alliance member to use a scent and all alliance members nearby can receive the benefits as well to collect dna ? Thanks great game so far!!

Scents like everything else in this game are to random… you can get just one epic.and it might be crap or you can get 6 great spawns. While thats fine for the free scents its also one of the reasons i wont buy them anymore.

I know compared to incubators its a good deal, but in a world where i can subscribe to netflix and have a few bucks to spare with that same 10 bucks it is not.

Earlier this week i got a sino out of a 5 min scent then got another out of a rare scent. Then yesterday i used an epic and got an ouranao and bary. So not only did the cheaper scents give me equal epics but they actually gave me better epics. Because i went to the l2 for l2 epics not bary.