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Schedule change?

Did the release schedule change? Wasn’t someone supposed to be back today?

Usually yes but they skipped their Saturday release and instead released Jonathan/Albert on Sunday


I wish they would tell us when they do this.

Is it sunday, wednesday, thursday, friday now? Every other day? Every third day?

Please give us some info devs!

Usually it’s Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from the past few weeks

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I was beginning to wonder, as usually there would’ve been a notification by this time of the day tell us who had returned. :thinking:

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Thats also weird…they sometimes release 3 hours ahead of the notifications too.

They released the second summer character instead

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I have no idea about any schedule

Theres another summer character?

Found her.

Go amn it! It was supposed to be Marco day!

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He might be back Thursday instead :man_shrugging: though I rather have Daniel, William or one of the ignored ladies come back

Oh yeah! Zombie doctor! He went to go find a rat right?

Well. I think its two guys and two girls now. And Vitoria/sage/emerson is on another break so…oh wait…ugh AI girls are still going…

Maybe it’s Angel/Emmalyn they should be done with their South American retreat or It could be Samantha/Aesha or Jasmin/Kayla. Anyone of those three haven’t been updated since last year