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Schedule for the week 5/6 - 5/12


Schedule is out along with the daily link:

Thank you Ludia for putting the rules out early!!! (Jurassic, Carnivore, and Amphibian)

Looks like we get a chance to unlock for the first time:

I also just realized the creature for the tournament is one of the few I have not unlocked yet, after this it will leave one more tournament creature left to unlock.


And this post was available in Europe too so that I could claim loyalty points. Cool.


Yeah, maybe they saw your comment and paid attention to it!

Very excited to see a reef unlock, yeah! I will be saving up my DNA for this fellow.

What do the icons on the Tournament mean? Do those relate to it being a Rules tournament?


Damn it, i wanted Yutyrannus as the next tournament unlock.


The first icon means that it is for Jurassics, the second and third imply the rules I think, saying that this one will be for carnivores and amphibians only.

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So in theory, amphibians only. Why use carnivores in that situation?


Maybe as first one functioning as canon fodder to collect reserves for the other two. My experience is that it is much more important to collect reserves in the beginning as to win the first fight.


I would like to believe you but I doubt that they will take any action on a Sunday.


Not to put too much of a damper on your parade, but there was a Yutyrannus tournament at New Year’s, so don’t hold your breath waiting for another one in the near future. Then again, two Trodon Clash of Titans and two Tupuxura tournaments in about nine months, so what do I know

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Thanks for letting me know. I was slightly hoping for it since they said “fan favourite tournament creatures” in the looking ahead post and i tought that Yuty was quite popular.I don’t mind waiting.


Ah okay, well that works well enough for me since those are most of my best ones (so many to hatch out to level up higher, but I kind of expect it will be awhile before I can compete higher than Predator in these jurassic tournaments).


We still have a few weeks left of May, so who knows?

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Did the community event change from DinoBucks to DNA or am I imagining things in my head?


This particular event was always DNA for me


You are right, that’s what I call betrayal. For me it was bucks as it was for you.

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Like @Kiarash_Bahar, mine always showed DNA as well. Odd.


That’s really odd, but on the other hand. Since I’m not present on Facebook (hate MZ) I did not participate in this event but received the reward.
So honestly I don’t have a right to complain.


This morning I showed DinoBucks…was looking forward to $550. Of course I have no screenshot, so when I collected, it was as you show…regular DNA. Another classic Ludia bait & switch!!


Only was ever DNA for me too. Weird that it wasn’t the same for everyone.