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Schedule for the Week - May 20-26

At some point, I do plan on getting my Mammoth high enough to get Mammotherium, but right now my snows (2 level 20 Thylacosmilus and 1 level 20 Woolly Mammoth) overpower everything else too much. I do have Gastornis and Gigantophis unlocked as well as the Mammoth, but will be a slow process.


Yup, looks like the promised new boss. A cave would have been my pick with all the Tylos I have (although only have 2 hatched out since I’ve gotten so many of them and only have a few other comparables) but really doesn’t matter too much since my aquatic cooldowns are all still only a few hours at most and the way boss events go, I usually need a LONG break after each run.

I seem to have particularly bad luck with getting ceno VIPs. So far the only one I’ve gotten is a single Thyla. While I’ve gotten 6 aquatics so far and 14 land dinos (albeit mostly carnivores and pteros). I know there’s a lot fewer of them in there, but I’m beginning to see why some people save up for the 20K packs.

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Looking at the wiki there is no Reef boss so i would think you’re right.