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Schedule for the week starting 3/3/2019 posted on FB


The schedule for this week is posted on FB:

Finally getting a shot at Amargasaurus in the tournament for this weekend, which has eluded me for over a year through all of the prize drops!!!


Do you think will they add the snake in loyality packages like the mammut?


Same. Amargasaurus, Titanaboa, Metoposaurus, and Pachyrhinosaurus have proven highly elusive for me. Now, it’s only been five months since I started playing, but still.


I don’t think they will, they might but doubtful, this snake is slightly weaker then the titanoboa which I have never seen in the VIP pack were the Mammoth is very powerful and is highly sought after.

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Oh if is weaker they might do it


The Armarg is nice to fill a void if you’re missing it, but hardly useful for battles.
Saves a few bucks whenever they force you to spar with one in the training room.


@DinoStan purely for the collection of the Dino, it will most likely never see battle.


Required for at one badge

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Does it depend on your level if you are in the amargasaurus tournament if so will i be in it (level 45)

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Yes, I believe you must be 55+

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@Baryonyx106 This is from an old tournament, but I am assuming it will be similar…

Adding the picture for the tournament that just went live:

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If you haven’t started the tourney yet, remember: unlike most tournaments, this one starts with tough dinosaurs immediately.

I went into my first battle with a Triceratoprs, a Diplocaulus, and a Majungosaurus because the earliest tourney fights are usually low-level. My poor liitle commons found themselves using their faces to beat up the knuckles of a level 30 Zalmoxes, a level 24 Secodontosaurus, and a level 15 Proceratosaurus. Looked like the New York Yankees going up against a T-ball team.


I must confirm. Very tough from the beginning.

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Just snug into dominator where I would usually already be at least halfway up the ladder using similar level dinos. Maybe around 100 positions tougher than before?

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I forgot about that aspect to bracketed tournaments. Thanks for the reminder.

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First night of the tournament, hoping we can get some data from some folks over the weekend to see how the numbers progress…


Could you tell me what a bracketed tournament is?


It’s essentially three tournaments in one. Players are grouped according to their levels. You can see the breakdowns above. Each level has it’s own prize. For example, levels 50-75 are fighting to unlock Amargasaurus.

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Thank you @Andy_wan_kenobi, I never recognized these kind of tournaments. Maybe because I was beyond level 50 before they were introduced.


640 points good for 64th place. Tough fighting this morning. By the way, has anyone ever encountered someone on the same tournament server? My family has three accounts, and as far as I am aware, we have never been on the same tournament server.