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Scheduled Maintenance April 26th, 2021

Hello Adventurers,
There will be a planned maintenance Monday, April 26th, 2021 from 8:45 AM E.T. until 9:30 AM E.T.
Thank you

Any bugs in particular that are being fixed?

Whenever you do an event, the browser won’t let you back to the battle screen until you restart the game usually. If you cycle through screens it sometimes will though…

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The Event UI bug has been around since I started playing this game over a year ago so I don’t expect they’ll fix it. I normally work around it by tapping on the toons icon and back to Event resets it

@Keith @Ned was there anything else to this Maintenance break, other than the implementation of the Guild Battle - Draft event? Any simultaneous bugs fixes, patches, etc? Thanks.

The maintenance also included the Battle Pass. The update that was also released this morning updated some backend programs including an update to our customer support program.

Thanks for the info @Keith . Is the Battle Pass just a way to participate if you don’t happen to have any skeleton keys yet within a guild?

Also final thought, in the concurrently running Guild Battle and Rally - the screen which displays inter-guild progress is only tracking the Rally. I would think everyone would want to see how many guild battles each member of the guild has won, and how the other guilds are doing as a whole and compared to each other (just like is seen during Raids). In other words it’s displaying Rally detail and not the new Guild Battle detail. Is that as designed, or plans to change it? Thanks.


Similarly, when a raid runs simultaneously with a rally, we can see only the raid stats while they are going on, and then only the rally stats when they are over.

Would have loved to see a global leader board or even just win loss list of our own guilds stats for fun friendly competition and being able see how many keys it took to complete. Feels like they really dropped the ball not including a leader board in something that’s supposed be competitive.

I think they were unfortunately still just trying to get the mechanics of it even working (seeing as how last time they scrapped it entirely). Hopefully this is something that will get fine tuned and changed next time, the coding is largely already there as seen within the Raid event… In an entirely guild-centric event, to not see any guild stats doesn’t make sense. We’ll see what @Keith says.

I’m kind of hoping it will work like the rally/raid combo where we see the raid stats while it’s active, and then the rally stats when it is over. Though obviously having separate tabs so we can see them both while it’s running would be much preferred.

Thank you all for the suggestions on better ways to display results when running two guild events. I have passed on all your great suggestions to the team.

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Keith, I now in the past you have reported raid scores from internal numbers. Is it possible for you to give us the guild scores from the Guild Battle?

Hi Chuck, I can give the top 3 scores, however I do not know the specific Guild names as they are tracked by a numerical code.
1st place currently has 853
2nd place currently has 840
3rd Place current 837

Best of luck to all the guilds

Can you tell us how many wins it was to unlock SH? @Keith. We were guessing 2 wins per 1% so 200. But judging by the numbers you just shared that must be wrong I can’t imagine without a leader board guilds dumping anymore keys than really necessary on the event and guilds have over 800 wins…

Pretty sure it’s not wins, it’s character kills. So 2 wins is 8 kills is 1%. But a loss also adds points as long as you killed some characters.

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