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Scheduled Maintenance - August 5

:wrench:Scheduled Maintenance:wrench:

Attention all Adventurers we are currently doing some scheduled maintenance. We’ll be back up and running shortly.

Thank you for your patience!


It would be nice to be given an estimate of the duration of the maintenance downtime. It would be nicer if the maintenance pop-up wasn’t simply a button that said “continue”. Continue to where exactly? Maybe it should say exit and take you out of the game instead.


Any clue as to when this will be done? I would have started an 8 hour unlock chest had I known I wouldnt be able to get into the game for so long.

Hey Micah_Bailey, could you check your app store and see if the update is available for download? Depending on which device you’re using, you might have to refresh the “Updates” menu in the store.

I’m upset that the gear on maps reset along with the timers with this update. I was farming Frostsilver Mines for Thighbones which were set at 12 but now are replaced. At the time maintenance started there was alot of time left.

Now Arena give xd :heart_eyes:

Yeah the hero room rest is tough. I finally started getting close with naomelen for a level 13 room (she was at 11.5). Now it’s replaced with a level 14 for another character.

I literally haven’t gotten in one since after the beta ended, and now that it’s a level 14 door for a secondary character, I’m guessing maybe near Christmas I’ll get close, if it doesn’t change again before that.