Scheduled Maintenance - July 2

Attention all Adventurers we are currently doing some scheduled maintenance. We’ll be back up and running shortly.

Thank you for your patience!

Scheduled but not announced, nor is an end time indicated…


Maintenance to make this game less a money grab “WE” hope. This WoW game has such potential but I think I speak for the vast majority… we are all playing to relive and experience D&D on mobile, anytime. The essence of D&D is an open world, free reign tabletop experience. Understandably, replicating the true experience of D&D on mobile is near impossible… I believe there are things this game / platform can do to adjust to keep us needs engaged (without making us leave your game… to play a different game… for way to long… just to get currency to progress our heros…) sure, we can pay to play but in my opinion… that kills the D&D vibe. The only $$ you need to spend to play true D&D is to find that lucky dice. Having said all that… I believe this game has a lot of potential (trading system, friend system to trade with, experience and gems at and easier price) right now it’s pay or lose… please fix!! With love. KW

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ETA on when it’ll be back up or any patch notes?

Game is back up, but you have to delete and reinstall the game for it to work

If you had auto-updates turned off, manually updating the game from the app store will work as well, @Sibbick.

I see no updates in the app store and still getting message that the game is under maintenance…not really keen on deleting the game…never had to do this with any game including Ludia’s…can we get a moderator to confirm maintenance status please?

iOS = Go to app store, search for the game , then you should be able to update the game

I did. Still under maintenance…

Just being updated now for some crazy reason…tks anyways :slight_smile:

I deleted and reinstalled, didn’t lose any progress. It’s the only help I can give (I didn’t find any update option either)

For what it’s worth to Android users, I found the update in the Play store, updated my app, and I’m back in as of 3:00 PM EST or so.