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Scheduled Maintenance June 14, 2021

Hi Everyone,
Just letting you know that the maintenance that just begun is scheduled to go until 2:30 pm ET. If any changes to that timeline change, I will post in this thread to let you know.
Thank you for your patience.

Thanks for let us know with such time in advance :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Just no pleasing some people. Would you rather they had the ability to fix some problems and sat on it doing nothing until the Recruitment Event was happening?

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Having a multi hour maintenance block with zero notification is poor management. We would prefer they fix bugs AND communicate with the player base. It shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish.

Maintenance was announced yesterday on Facebook and Twitter here was the post


The maintenance started slightly earlier than originally planned.

Hi, all the maintenance is over, but the in-game redirect is not displaying correctly. Please manually go to your app store and download the newest update to play.

Looks like they accomplished it to me. :-/

Glad the maintenance is done. Thanks. Sadly now can’t participate in guild event with new guild, get a message saying I participated with old guild, even though it only started this afternoon?? Not great given this is usually time most transfer so they can build up keys they lost when moving :frowning: