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[Scheduled Maintenance] Jurassic World Alive | April 4, 2019


Hello fellow DPG members!

There will be a short maintenance break on Thursday (04/04/19) morning at 9:30 AM (EST). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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I’m excited for changes but at the same time would love a short summary of whats going on when the game goes down or receives an update. Keep up the great work!

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It’s just to restart the trophies for the start of the new tournament


^ yep. Happens every tournament. Not sure how this isn’t a known fact by now


When its an update they do release patch notes. This isn’t an update… yet. Hopefully soon


Gotcha, I assumed it was the changes they mentioned a few days ago


Yeah that Blue DNA isn‘t worth the effort imo. Wish they‘d give us something useful; like Irritator!!!
But I hope I can reach 4,75 so that I can camp there for epic inc. I‘m at 4660 right now.


Yeet! 1.7 is gonna be a blast!


It‘s not the update, it‘s just for the next season to start.


It’s 4.5K for the Epic incubator; 4.75K for extra cash and coins :slight_smile: so, you’re definitely in the Epic range


Ah ok thx I didn‘t remember the chart so good. :slight_smile:



wait! trophies reset time? you mean… hundreds of level 30 tryko, magna, dilora, draco, etc, for us at lower arenas again?
:scream: :scream:


Is there going to be a coin sale soon please?


Oooo man, not again…how long is this dumb tournament so I can know how long to stay outta the arenas…my dinos arent strong enough to handle it yet


Last tourney I lost 15 battles in a row before winning one…right now I’m 4-1 to the good…


The game isn’t working. It says something, something maintenance. Really wish you guys would announce this stuff ahead of time :roll_eyes:


I think they did. It‘s the maintenance for the coming tournament; they always did this before a new one started.

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Yeah righttttttttttttt thanks a lot guys i had no knowledge of the scheduled maintenance that was due to happen today and the game went * blink * just after i had activated a * 20 minute scent * so i lost out on getting the full benefit of a 20 minute scent completely… dang nab it just as i was about to get my hands on some * rajasaurus DNA and some other rare dino DNA as well the game suddenly goes bye bye … ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr O.o


Where is the problem to read this?

They told us 2 days ago. Gave us info about day and time.

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Its 8.57 at the moment :